Peter J. Driscoll

Peter John Driscoll, age 60 passed away unexpectedly at his home in Winthrop, MA on Friday, August 20, 2021. Peter was born in 1961 in Winthrop, MA. Peter is survived by his mother Carol Marie (Greene) Driscoll and his father the late Edward Francis Driscoll; his siblings, Daniel and Kathryn Driscoll of Medway, MA, Arlene Driscoll (deceased) of Randolph, MA, Stephen Driscoll of Randolph, MA and Brian Driscoll and Stacey Silk of Mansfield, MA; his children and granddaughters, Keith, Monica and Maelynne Driscoll of Gates, TN, Megan Driscoll of Attleboro, MA, Michelle Driscoll of Nashua, NH and Hailey Rodecker of Sharon, MA. Peter was the beloved husband of the late Judith Michelle (MacDonald) Driscoll of Raynham. To respect the family’s wishes, visiting hours and a private funeral mass will be limited to immediate family only.


First Name: STEPHEN
State: MA
Entry Date: 08/31/2021

Luv you brother
God bless ya

First Name: Gert
Last Name: Rudolph
City: Winthrop
State: MA
Entry Date: 08/31/2021

Worked with Pete at OceanAir. He was a very fair boss and always tried to do right by his staff. We but heads a few times but never left angry. He spoke of his children and bragged on them often. He will be missed. My condolences to his family

First Name: Maureen (Hanlon)
Last Name: Taylor
City: Fallbrook
State: CA
Country: United States
Entry Date: 08/31/2021

We were so grieved to hear of cousin Peter's passing. I'm so grateful to have gotten to know Peter better over the past several years. Loved talking or texting him about our common interest in our family ancestries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time, praying for God's comfort and peace to carry each one, today and in the days ahead.

First Name: Paul
Last Name: MacMullen
City: Winthrop
State: MA
Country: USA
Entry Date: 09/01/2021

My thoughts and prayers go out to Pete and the whole Driscoll family , so many great memories back in the early days with Pete and all the brothers ! To many crazy stories to tell but they shaped my life and the person I became , with the family still grieving the loss of Arlene this must be so hard to fathom but faith and family is everything , be there for one another in this time of need and healing , god bless to all and rest in piece my friend

First Name: Coral
Last Name: Cole
City: Encinitas
State: CA
Entry Date: 09/12/2021

I live on the West Coast and haven’t seen Pete in years, almost all my memories of him are from when we were children. But the last time I saw him a few years ago I needed coffee, I was visiting upstairs, he invited me down for a cup and we sat on the backdoor step and drank coffee and caught up. Pete Driscoll had the most contagious laugh of anyone in our family and it was such an easy genuine laugh too. My favorite memory was being at his place in Winthrop and eating pizza and our uncle taking a hit off a vape pen . . . we both looked at each other in astonishment and laughed until we cried . . . my sides hurt for days. Thank you for that moment Pete . . . I adored you from afar. xoxox

First Name: Bob
Last Name: Greene
City: Scituate
State: MA
Entry Date: 09/12/2021

Peter’s family has been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard the news. He was a smart and caring man. Always willing to help anyone. He was blessed to marry Judy and start a wonderful family. Family was important to Pete. When Judy left this world, Pete was left with many questions and challenges. He and Judy are together. I hope that is some comfort to the whole Driscoll family. Peter will be missed.

First Name: Candace
Last Name: Cole
City: Dover
State: VT
Country: United States
Entry Date: 09/12/2021

Although I have many cousins located across the country, I spent the most time with the Driscolls. And Pete, being the oldest, was our ring leader. I always loved participating in adventures with him - in Lancaster, Barrington and Winthrop - I remember laughing so hard and loving every moment.

Years ago, after his car accident, I pushed onto his hospital bed and spent numerous hours watching CCTV of medical procedures and trying so hard to be brave enough to keep my eyes open - and him laughing at me about it!

I’ll miss him terribly and am grateful for having known him

First Name: Elaine
Last Name: Hanlon
City: Summerville
State: SC
Entry Date: 09/16/2021

I am truly heartbroken for your loss.
Though our families lived on different coasts, the many times we spent together was memorable and when we, all were older both Peter and I shared our love for our ancestry. It has been with his help that I have been able to fully cherish the richness of the Sweeney family, going back 8 generations. Knowing all the time and hard work that Peter dedicated himself towards our ancestry has given all of us such a gift.
Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Peter, you will always be in my thoughts and prayers; may you rest in Christ’s peace and loving comfort.

First Name: Janice
Last Name: Greene Chauvette
City: Austin
State: TX
Country: US
Entry Date: 09/17/2021

As a child, we made many trips from NY to MA to spend time with our cousins. They were honestly some of the best memories of my youth. Peter was the eldest of the Driscoll clan and although four years my elder, consistently made me feel welcome in the family escapades. He always had a smile on his face and was quick with his laugh. I truly looked up to him.

I saw Peter less as we moved into our adult lives but he continued to touch base with our family, whether it be to keep us informed of family events or to discuss our family tree. Peter was always the first one to reach out.

My sincerest condolences to Peter's children, Aunt Carol, and my Driscoll cousins. May Peter rest in eternal peace. We will miss him terribly.

First Name: Kim
Last Name: Cole
City: Salem
State: NH
Country: United States
Entry Date: 09/20/2021

My heart is so sad with the passing of cousin Peter. As a youngster, my sisters and I shared a lot of fun times with Peter and his family. I remember chatting with Peter one day on our past memories of when we were kids and some of his memories were so funny. My last memory of Peter was a few years ago when he was visiting my family in NH. He asked me if I knew of a place that sold fireworks. I took him to a place that specialized in fireworks and he was so excited about having them for the 4th of July for his kids. His enthusiasm was contagious and I enjoyed the afternoon shopping with him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time.

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