Gerard David

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Brother Gérard David.

Gérard David, 90 years old, of Boston, MA passed away Saturday, April 18, 2020. Lovingly known as ‘Pops,’ Gerard David was born on October 11, 1929 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Gerard is survived by his loving wife of 56 years, Germaine David, along with four children. Beloved father of Leonard David (Maria Macedo-David), Carl David (Hugette Cambronne), Carine David-Sautier (Rodney Sautier), and Cassandra David; and six grandchildren, Delsin and Haley David, Jason and Nattaly David, Mica C. Cole (Chris Alvarado) and Jordan D. Sautier; and two surviving sisters, Germaine Lindor and Andre Anna Mathurin; his very dear nephews Jean Eddy Mathurin, and great nephew Clifford Mathurin, and many nieces, nephews and cousins.

Gérard was a man of deep faith, great interpersonal skills, and having only one goal: The radiance and glory of God. He worked unceasingly for the illumination of the man through Knowledge and his particular motto was: Non nobis dominate….Gérard focused on creating harmony and maintaining unity within his family and the community at large, whenever possible.

Before coming to America, Gérard was a successful engineer and activist who spent many years challenging the oppressive dictatorship in his homeland of Haiti. Due to ongoing political threats from the government, Gerard and family fled Haiti in the Oct of 1969 to avoid further persecution.

Upon arrival, Gérard attended Northeastern University where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Engineering to further his engineering career. As a civil engineer for many years, Gérard applied his specialty in hydraulics when he worked for the prestigious engineering firm, Charles T. Main where he traveled and worked in Panama to erect an impressive dam, and in Kuwait, to bring the first large-scale water distillation system of its kind to that region. As an avid soccer player who also believed in strengthening his Haitian community, Gérard was responsible for creating the Almont Park and Recreation Council Inc. in Mattapan, MA in 1977; a family-friendly park that united the community where he served as a team captain of "Speed" for many years. Gérard is also credited for organizing Boston's first Haitian Masonic division that included 11 lodges, holding many executive positions over a 50-year period.

After retiring as an engineer in 1991, Gérard began to pursue his entrepreneurial interests by opening the B&D Oasis Restaurant in June 1991, and shortly after that, he bought General Business Company in 1993 where his heart and soul thrived for 27 years. The General Business Company allowed Gérard to use his charitable heart to proudly serve members of his community as he was known to never turn anyone away, "always have the answer," and routinely waived fees for customers who could not afford to pay for his services. The community that he served knew him, loved him, and looked after him daily. It was never just a “business” to him. . He took care of everyone, never turning anyone away and tried to find a solution to everyone’s problem or dilemma. No other individual possessed his generosity, his patience, his wit, and intellectual mind - He will be truly missed!!!

Due to current circumstances, the wake as well as the funeral services was held strictly between members of the immediate family. All condolences can be sent to the widow and children of the David and Sautier families remotely by the means available.

Our sympathies go out to the David family in this difficult time. We are struck by the pain during this period of mourning and we offer them our condolences on this painful circumstance.


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